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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I count my time as pilot/maintenance technician on a commercial EC145 or other helicopter types towards this award program?

Answer: No, this award is limited to actual Lakota time. We want to reward safe operation of the Lakota aircraft; Army safety officers are unable to verify whether time spent on commercial platforms was accident-free.

Question: Will non-flight related accidents in the unit also reset the clock to zero?

Answer: No, only flight-related accidents reset the clock to zero.

Question: Can you also ship the awards to an APO address?

Answer: Yes, in the “State” box you will find the option to choose between APO AA, APO AE and APO AP.

Question: When can I submit my nomination?

Answer: You can submit your nomination at any given point in time, as you long as you fulfill the criteria. We have designed this award program for you – the crew members and maintenance technicians, and will keep it running for as long as we see your participation/interest.

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