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Awards > 2015 Vision Zero Aviation Safety Award Winner: Intermountain Life Flight

2015 Vision Zero Aviation Safety Award Winner: Intermountain Life Flight

Intermountain Life Flight is the recipient of the 2015 Vision Zero Aviation Safety Award, established by Airbus Helicopters Inc. to help promote a higher level of safety within the air medical industry. As the winner, Intermountain Life Flight received a $10,000 prize, which the air medical transport agency will use in its efforts to continue promoting safety within the organization and for the benefit of its customers.

Intermountain Life Flight, based in Salt Lake City, was selected for the 2015 Vision Zero Award because of its ongoing efforts to develop risk and safety assessment tools, including evaluating the health, well-being and readiness of flight crew members. Other risk matrices and guidelines were developed to reduce the chances of human error in air and ground transport. Intermountain Life Flight has implemented the tools, and they have been shown to improve the safety of medical transport operations. The Federal Aviation Administration has cited the Flight Risk Matrix developed by Intermountain as an example of an industry best practice.

Intermountain Life Flight plans to use the 2015 Vision Zero Award to develop an application to display the flight status of its individual crew members in real time. With the app, which would calculate a score for an individual, Intermountain flight controllers and managers would be able to monitor and evaluate fatigue or stress on a pilot or other crew member, plus their experience level, when making assignments.

Since it began operations in 1978, Intermountain Life Flight has transported more than 90,000 critically injured or ill patients by helicopter, fixed wing aircraft, and ground transport. It operates seven helicopters and three fixed-wing airplanes. Life Flight's aircraft are essentially mobile intensive care units that bring specialized emergency medical equipment and personnel to critically ill or injured patients, often in remote areas or at accident scenes.

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