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Corporate & VIP

  • High-end interior and exterior styling
  • Smooth rides and quiet cabins
  • Full customization capabilities
  • Luxury and performance combined
  • Latest in avionics for operational safety

Airbus Helicopters, Inc. offers the most complete range of corporate helicopters, with capacities from 5 to 19 seats.  These rotorcraft combine smooth rides and luxurious interiors with industry-leading safety and low noise signatures, ensuring that operations are neighbor-friendly wherever they are performed.

See the Corporate & VIP overview page.

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Corporate & VIP helicopters

Light Single engine VIP helicopter

Light single-engine

Product features:
H125, H130
- Low operating costs
- New equipment
- Low external sound

Light twin engine VIP helicopter

Light twin-engine

Product features:
H135, H145, UH-72A
- Leading versatility
- Multipurpose capabilities
- Ideal for Yacht-based operations


Medium twin engine VIP helicopter

Medium twin-engine

Product features:
AS365, H155
- High speed and long range
- Excellent safety and comfort
- Low external sound

Heavy twin engine VIP helicopter

Heavy twin-engine

Product features:
H215, H225, H175
- Large payload capacity
- Twin-engine performance
- Advanced technologies

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