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Products > AS355 NP Overview

AS355 NP Overview

Airbus Helicopters, Inc.’s AS355 NP is tailored for a wide range of missions, including demanding operations over urban regions, difficult terrain and water. This helicopter benefits from the reliability and safety of its two Turbomeca Arrius 1A1 engines, and is equipped with a full authority digital engine control (FADEC) system.

It is fully IFR certified and can be fitted with a 3-axis autopilot, along with mission-specific equipment for medical evacuation and law enforcement service.

The helicopter also offers excellent maneuverability, high speed, low vibration levels and easy maintenance.

An unobstructed cabin and forward-looking seats provides excellent visibility for all passengers, and its very low vibration level makes the AS355 NP perfect for corporate transportation.

U.S. operators include the Massachusetts State Police Department, which uses the AS355 NP for general law enforcement, as well as fire and rescue missions. These aircraft are equipped with multiple FM radios, satellite communications and satellite navigation equipment, sophisticated infrared cameras that can transmit images in real time, and a powerful searchlight.

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