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Products > AS365 N3+ Overview

AS365 N3+ Overview

Known worldwide for its sleek fuselage and powerful performance, the AS365 N3 is tailored for a full range of missions, including law enforcement and surveillance, medevac operations, VIP transportation, passenger shuttles to offshore oil/gas platforms and port ship pilot transfers (capable of heli-hoist operations while hovering with one engine out).

As a member of the Dauphin family – which includes the U.S. Coast Guard’s HH-65 – the AS365 N3 incorporates Airbus Helicopters’ Fenestron® tail rotor system and Starflex rotor head for high maneuverability, low noise, excellent efficiency and maximum safety.

The AS365 N3 excels with its capability to perform missions in the most severe climatic conditions, at high altitude or in hot weather, and its large power margin enables rooftop landings and takeoffs from urban areas in complete safety.  With its fast cruise speed, passenger comfort and power margin, the AS365 N3 Dauphin offers a strong competitive edge over its direct competitors.

The latest evolution of the Dauphin family, the AS365 N3e, will take the type’s acclaimed performance to yet greater heights.  Due to enter service in 2014, the AS365 N3e will be powered by FADEC-equipped Arriel 2N engines offering 15% more power, matched with an upgraded gearbox and rotorhead.  This ultimate version of the Dauphin will offer exceptional hot and high performance, increased useful load and lower operating costs.

The Maryland State Police’s Aviation Division was the first U.S. operator to upgrade its AS365 N1 Dauphins to the increased-performance N3 version.  This improvement includes replacing the N1’s original 705 shp. Turbomeca Arriel 1C1 engines with FADEC-controlled 838 shp Arriel 2Cs, offering a 1,700 lb gross weight increase for helipad operations.

Today, the Maryland State Police operates a fleet of 11 AS365 N1s and N3s, performing search and rescue flights, emergency medical airlift and law enforcement operations.  Equipped with an advanced avionics suite and dedicated mission equipment, the MSP’s fleet has logged over 100,000 flight hours.

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