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Products > EC145 (formerly known as EC145e)

EC145 (formerly known as EC145e)

The proven twin-engine 3-to-4-ton-class EC145 is ready to take on diverse aerial work missions, ranging from firefighting to internal and external load transport.

Compared to previous versions of the EC145, this latest variant has an increased payload of 330 pounds (149.5 kilograms), which results in a payload of up to 3,990 pounds (1,699 kilograms).

The EC145 is the quietest helicopter in its class, at 6.7 decibels below ICAO sound level specifications. It has a proven hingeless rotor system with enhanced rotor blades, which ensure low sound and vibration levels.

Compared to other rotorcraft in its range, the EC145 offers a significantly larger cabin that features excellent outside visibility for pilots, crew and passengers; and a useable interior volume enhanced by the absence of partitions, center posts or door posts.

The helicopter can seat up to 2 pilots and 8 passengers.

The EC145’s integrated glass cockpit includes Airbus Helicopters’ Vehicle and Engine Multifunction Display (VEMD®) and a caution and advisory display (CAD) to enhance pilot efficiency – thereby reducing pilot fatigue and enhancing flight safety.

This helicopter’s agility and handling qualities are exceptional, even in high winds, while the cockpit design provides an unmatched field of view in all directions.

The central panel display system, consisting of two additional LCD displays, includes Airbus Helicopters’ first limit indicator, which simplifies engine and torque monitoring, allowing pilots to dedicate more of their attention to the mission requirements.

Other built-in safety aspects include an energy-absorbing fuselage and seats, along with crash-resistant fuel cells.

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