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Pilot and flight crew training

The quality of training is directly linked to the proficiency of pilots and flight crews, as well as their ability to safely operate in a full range of mission conditions.

At Airbus Helicopters, Inc., our emphasis is on realism – with the focus on scenario-based training that goes beyond simplistic, repeated routines that do not properly prepare flight personnel for real-world situations.

To ensure that customers have access to the best level of training with the highest fidelity, Airbus Helicopters, Inc. has made significant investments in its facilities, which include full-motion simulators, procedural training devices and computer-aided training systems in the classroom.

AEC safety training cockpit imageThe full-motion flight and mission simulator for AS350 B2/B3 helicopters at our Grand Prairie, Texas headquarters is the world’s most advanced of its kind, creating an enhanced training environment for both pilots and crews. It incorporates a full AS350 cockpit and cabin – including the law enforcement mission suite for a tactical flight officer – along with the comprehensive installation of avionics and mission equipment. This Level B full-flight simulator has a high-resolution wide field-of-view visual system, and enables demanding flight and mission scenarios to be created and executed.

Training performed with the AS350 simulator covers emergency procedures; single-pilot and crew resource management; and night vision goggles operations; along with instrument, transition, emergency procedures and recurrent training certified to CFR Part 141 and 142. Instrumentation includes a full avionics suite with autopilot in a night vision goggles-compatible cockpit, and provides the possibility to train tactical flight officers in the airborne use of force.

Airbus Helicopters, Inc.’s Grand Prairie facility also is home to the EC135/EC145 flight training device, which is a full-motion system with six degrees of freedom and a wide field-of-view visual system. This simulator has day, night, IFR (instrument flight rules) and night vision capabilities, and offers customers a safe and effective way to achieve a variety of training – including advanced mission-based training scenarios.

In 2011, Airbus Helicopters, Inc. expanded its scope by offering simulator training and type rating for the EC155 helicopter through an agreement with Helisim, the France-based training academy – in which its Airbus Helicopters parent company is a shareholder. The training is performed by Airbus Helicopters, Inc. personnel, with the Helism academy in Marignane, France – and its EC155 full-motion simulator – serving as an approved Airbus Helicopters, Inc. satellite facility.

Airbus Helicopters, Inc. also provides “in-aircraft” pilot courses for its customers that develop skill-sets in safely- and efficiently-conducted flight operations. These transition and recurrent courses also develop the pilot’s decision-making abilities through a challenging real-world scenario-based curriculum.

As part of Airbus Helicopters, Inc.’s commitment to safety, we make a range of training opportunities available to customers at their own locations. These include web-based training via the Internet, using the resources of our Airbus Helicopters parent company; on-site transition or recurrent training performed by our pilots using the customer’s helicopter; and the availability of portable systems such as procedural training devices, which enable pilots to practice emergency procedures, along with checklists and radio/systems operations.

For additional information, see our Training section.

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